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beach on square

Devi on fight! ;)
wonderful image !! Love the balloons and the colours :)

Devi on after the party
Must be tough chair...not being washed away !

Devi on square
Lovely image... I love this frangipani blossoms! The fragrance is divine !

Existence Artistique on square
bon travail

omid on after the party
:) Amazing shot!

beach on after the party
I hope the sea didn't sweep away the occupant of the chair!!

Existence Artistique on after the party
c'est une intéressante recherche

Existence Artistique on bubbles II
bel effet

Existence Artistique on bubbles
bel effet

omid on bubbles
Amazing graphics!

Existence Artistique on fight! ;)
belle composition

Existence Artistique on helmet
bel effet

Pala on helmet
it was pretty early around 7AM in the city so no players around - the helmet was probably left there the day before. ...

Jean-Luc.M on helmet
Beautiful treatment, beautiful textures on this black and white. But where is the player? :-)

rbassin on floating house
C'est bien fait, superbe reflet

Dimitrios on floating house
pure water art***

Tataze on empty steel
un tableau parfaitement maitrisé de ce lieu. J'aime beaucoup

Jean-Luc.M on steaming
Architecture surprenante. Belle prise, beaux reflets et belles couleurs.

rbassin on steaming
belle vue sur l'architecture de ce bâtiment, et bonne position du nuage.

Brett on bracketing
Nice Bracketing. It looks like you got some noise, but the colors really match up well.

Ana Lúcia on 7AM Seaport
B/W is a right choice in this shot.

Harry on typical?
one of those place where you can't decide whether it is abandoned even though it should be

L'Angevine on railway to the future

Jean-Luc.M on railway to the future
Superb composition on this perspective !

Curly on railway to the future
Great perspective view, excellent mono.

L'Angevine on train cemetery VIII.
superbe sous cet effet

Anna Cherer on railway to the future
Beautiful perspective and framing !

BiLL on railway to the future
Beautiful geometric shapes.

Curly on train cemetery I.
Very decent HDR, well done.

Curly on train cemetery V.
Awesome scene of beautiful decay!

Curly on train cemetery VIII.
Fascinating series, great documentary shots here!

L'Angevine on train cemetery VII.
bel effet

Shaun on train cemetery VII.
A superb image of this great train. 5*

L'Angevine on train cemetery VI.

L'Angevine on train cemetery V.
bien cet effet

Gérard Flayol on train cemetery V.
Good serie

L'Angevine on train cemetery IV.

Ana Lúcia on train cemetery IV.
The final resting place?

L'Angevine on train cemetery III.
bien ce rendu

Darkelf Photography on train cemetery III.
Wonderful rendering of tones and detail.

L'Angevine on train cemetery II.
bien ce rose

L'Angevine on train cemetery I.
génial ce rendu

L'Angevine on left behind
bien comme une écrevisse

Hiro on left behind
Excellent details !!

L'Angevine on view from Őrtorony viewpoint

omid on left behind
:) Amazing macro shot!

Anne on left behind
Great macro.

L'Angevine on let me smell it!
bien la lumière

beach on let me smell it!
That's too close for me!

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